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Infectious energy of Queen 


Iconic songwriting of The Beatles


Soaring vocals of Celine Dion & steven Tyler


aaron lavigne radio recall
jenna rubaii radio recall

Radio Recall

Radio Recall blends the raw energy of your favorite rock anthems & acoustic ballads with storytelling that only Broadway veterans  aaron LaVigne & Jenna Rubaii can deliver.


These powerhouse vocalists pay homage to the classics  while bringing their own sense of taste & musicianship, transporting audiences to a songwriting golden era. 

Collectively, Aaron & Jenna have mesmerized audiences on multiple continents. They have performed on sacred stages including Broadway, The Kennedy Center, Hollywood’s Pantages Theater, Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, The London Hammersmith Apollo, The NFL, MLB, for U.S. Presidents, across North America, Asia, The Mediterranean, The Baltics, The Middle East,  Hawaii, The Caribbean, and beyond. 

Jenna Rubaii
Aaron LaVigne
The Show
The Artists
Jenna Rubaii in the North American Tour of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. Photo by Matthew Murphy
Aaron LaVigne in the North American Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar

aaron LaVigne & Jenna Rubaii

met while starring as Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 50th Anniversary Tour of

jesus christ superstar 


The Grammy Nominated & Olivier Award winning show brought the storytelling back to it's roots: It's iconic MUSIC.  Aaron & Jenna quickly realized their own musical language was something to explore beyond the lights of JCS. 


When a worldwide pandemic brought the entertainment industry to a screeching halt, what became clear was that human connection is at the core of why we all love music. Pure, truthful songs. Transcendent, iconic artists.

radio recall is an experience that taps into the best songs and songwriters throughout the decades- from Arena Rock to Acoustic Soul. 

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